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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photography - Why RAW? 

So many I have run into who are serious about photography, and passionate, but when asked 'do you shoot in RAW?' I get a blank stare, or a dismissive, 'oh  no!  (reason)'.. and from the feel of it, they are defensive of the question, likely because they get asked and bothered about it all the time.  So Here is one solid reason - among many - that RAWs are like a hyped movie.. that is actually awesome.. think the Guardians of the Galaxy.   RAW film format is the Guardians of the Galaxy of the digital film type world.

Original Exposure - Aprox 4 stops over exposed.
Image best balance from RAW

Image best balance from JPG
As can clearly be seen, the extra digital 'headroom' in the RAW allows a usable if not somewhat stylized and high contrast image to be rescued.  The JPG is clearly not comparable as what was extracted from the over exposed RAW image.

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